August 8, 1995

I am born in St. Louis, MO at Barnes Jewish Hospital. Later in life I will realize this and ask my parents "Am I Jewish?" The answer is no.

Spring, 2000

I appear in my first production: The King and I at Parkway Middle High School. I play the roll of one of the King's young princes. I am embarrassed to crawl underneath the King's legs in rehearsal as I fear invading his personal space.

Summer, 2014

I graduate Webster Groves High School with a number of stage roles under my belt but a heap-ton of memories.

I say goodbye to Missouri and pack my life into 4 large boxes and 3 duffel bags, bound for California.

November 26th, 2017

I am near completion of my BFA in Screen Acting at Chapman University. I am immeasurably proud of the growth I have undergone during my time here, both professionally and personally. I have been privileged to be so warmly embraced in acting opportunities which have challenged and excited me equally. As I write this I am waiting for the camera and lighting crew to set up the next shot. I am wearing a mustache and a unibrow and living the dream.